The UBT Cube

This 14’x40′ screen sets The Railyard apart, taking it to the next level! Watch your favorite team, take part in a Mario Kart Tournament, view classic movies, and more!

One-of-a-Kind Entertainment

As one of the largest outdoor screens in the Midwest, The Cube presented by Union Bank & Trust brings a dynamic element to The Railyard that few entertainment districts can match. With a large outdoor patio and plenty of restaurants and bars to grab a drink from, the #UBTCube makes The Railyard the perfect place to watch sports, movies, and more!

Movie Nights

Whether it’s a December showing of Elf or The Sandlot in the heat of summer, The Cube’s movie nights are the best way to see your favorite flicks.

Live Sporting Events

Why stay home for the Super Bowl or the World Series? Experience sports’ biggest moments with other fanatics on the most epic screen around!

Nebraska Football Gameday Parties

Don’t have tickets to Memorial Stadium? Watching the Huskers on The Cube is the next best thing! Celebrate every big play with friends and fellow fans, then enjoy postgame victory parties with live DJs. Be sure to learn more about Husker watch parties and Friday pep rallies!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request something for the cube?

All cube requests can be sent to

Who do I contact to advertise on the cube?

If you would like to advertise your company on the cube, contact You can find more information on our sponsorship page.

Advertise on The Cube

Tons of people see the Cube every day, making it a great opportunity to get in front of potential customers and grow your brand. Find out how you can advertise on Lincoln’s largest public screen today!

Upcoming Events

Between Husker football games, movie nights, and live television events, The Cube is a great way to experience your favorite showings with food and drink in a fun setting.