Rules & Regulations

The Railyard is all about having a good time, but there are some things to keep in mind while visiting.

Code of Conduct

The following are not allowed in the Entertainment District premise:

  • Loitering.
  • Assembling, demonstrating, picketing, or taking part in other activities that disrupt the enjoyment of other visitors.
  • Weapons.
  • Panhandling.
  • Soliciting unless pre-arranged and authorized by Railyard Entertainment LLC.
  • Physical or verbal threats.
  • Disorderly conduct.
  • Disturbing the peace.
  • Drinking games.
  • Outside food and drink (not provided within the Entertainment District).
    • Exceptions: water in clear plastic water bottles; coffee
      Riding bicycles, roller blading, or skateboarding inside the commons area.
  • Littering.
  • Rummaging through or removing items from trash receptacles.
  • Sitting on the fire pits, pillars, stage extension, floors, planters, handrails, stairs, trash receptacles, and other areas not specifically designed for seating in a way that obstructs or disrupts normal activity, flow of foot traffic, or events from taking place.
  • Playing of musical instruments, radios, or communicating in a manner that creates noise of sufficient volume to impinge on the hearing or peace of general public.
  • Phallic objects, symbols, or party decorations/accessories.

And here are a few more regulations to note:

  • All bags are subject to be checked by Frye Frazey & Associates.
  • All animals must be on leashes at all times. Railyard Entertainment LLC and Frye Frazey & Associates reserve the right to have any pets removed from the premise.
  • All patrons must possess valid photo identification on the premise.
  • All youths under 16 years of age must be under the supervision, visual contact, and control of parents or guardian (21 or older).
  • All accidents, injuries, and security related incidents should be reported to Frye Frazey & Associates and Railyard Entertainment LLC.
  • No cups of any kind are allowed outside The Railyard premise or inside the public bathrooms.


Dress Code

Visitors wearing clothing found to be offensive to others or a threat to the safety of other guests will be asked to modify their clothing. Examples may include:

  • Profanity on clothing.
  • Exposed undergarments.
  • Chains hanging out of pockets, or spiked and studded items.
    Clothing that may be recognized as promoting or recruiting for a criminal organization or lifestyle of criminal activity (including color, wording, or symbols).
  • Management reserves the right to deny entry or remove any individual who does not comply with the code of conduct or dress code. Please note that the dress code of individual venues may vary.


Outdoor Music & Live Entertainment

  • Outdoor music and live entertainment must be kept at a noise level deemed reasonable and appropriate by Railyard Entertainment, LLC staff, and agents.
  • The content of all live entertainment cannot contain lewd or offensive language as defined by Railyard Entertainment, LLC staff, and agents.
    Railyard Entertainment, LLC staff, and agents may terminate music and/or live entertainment that is considered to be at an inappropriate noise level or considered to have content unsuitable for the area.
  • Tenants must work through Railyard Entertainment, LLC or WRK management to book live entertainment for the stage under the Cube. However, in order to have this opportunity tenants must:
    • Follow all RYE rules and regulations during the entertainment.
    • Not be in default of their lease.
    • Demonstrate that the entertainment is good for The Railyard as a whole.


Barred & Banned List

Frye Frazey & Associates will be charged with keeping an updated list of individuals who have been barred or banned from The Railyard events.


Smoke-Free Zone

Smoking will be prohibited in The Railyard commons area and in the enclosed street area when a Special Designated Liquor License has been issued. Patrons will be allowed to smoke outside of The Railyard commons area on public right of ways only.


Lost & Found

Items that are left behind by patrons within the commons area can be found in the security office at Canopy Lofts. Please contact Frye Frazey & Associates at to locate items.

Railyard Entertainment LLC management reserves the right to amend the Rules & Regulations at any time.

Contact The Railyard

Have any questions about The Railyard’s rules and regulations or want further clarity on what is and isn’t permitted? Please contact our staff with any additional inquiries.